Council of Educators

Experts in Teaching Entrepreneurship

This esteemed group of exceptional entrepreneurship teachers provides educators a direct voice to the YEScarolina Board of Directors and advocacy for entrepreneurial education across the state of South Carolina. One member from each Congressional District was selected based on past experience as a champion of the YEScarolina cause and impact they have had in the classroom. The appointed council makes recommendations regarding entrepreneurship teacher recruitment and retention, curriculum recommendations, curriculum review and curriculum approval. Council members also conduct advocacy in their region, are trained to facilitate teacher training, and provide mentorship to new entrepreneurship teachers.

Norma Brown.jpg

Norma Brown

District 2 - Columbia, SC

35 Years Teaching, 30 Years Teaching Entrepreneurship
Winthrop University Alumna
Fun Fact: When she was 10, Norma aspired to be a fashion designer!

Norma Brown has been on a mission to help young people become the best versions of themselves for over three decades. Whether experiencing her passion and witnessing her dedication in church or in the classroom, those who meet Mrs. Brown know they have an ally in achieving and realizing their goals and dreams. For 30 years, her vehicle to help her students maximize their potential has been by encouraging them to uncover their passions, and teaching entrepreneurship to turn those passions into a business. She continues to inspire young people with her commitment, dedication, and care for each individual she meets as a member of this council.


David Fralix

District 1 - Charleston, SC

11 Years Teaching, 8 Years Teaching Entrepreneurship
University of South Carolina (BA) and New York University (MBA) Alumnus
Fun Fact: Before he dies, David has plans to take a tour of Asia… on a motorcycle!

David Fralix is unconventional, with so many life experiences and stories to share with his students that he never fails to surprise them. For 8 years of teaching entrepreneurship, this is why students connect with him and learn how out of the box thinking can lead to entrepreneurial success. In Mr. Fralix’s class, which has consistently produced finalists in the YEScarolina State Business Plan Competition, students are expected to engage their inquisitive minds, take chances on ideas that might be a little risky, and even make mistakes. By creating an environment where it’s ok to fail as long as you get back up to try again, he brings an original approach to teaching life relevant skills through entrepreneurship that resonate with his students long after they’ve graduated.


Angelia Jackson

District 7 - Georgetown, SC

10 Years Teaching, 4 Years Teaching Entrepreneurship
Limestone College and Webster University Alumna
Fun Fact: Most people don’t know it, but Angelia can sing!

It only took Angelia Jackson one year after receiving her certification to teach entrepreneurship to have two of her students named as Student Entrepreneurs of the Year by YEScarolina. To know Mrs. Jackson though is to know that her drive, commitment, and singular ability to motivate her students wouldn’t have had it any other way. A dedicated educator who’s been on a mission to make a difference since she knew she wanted to be a teacher at 10 years old, Mrs. Jackson challenges her students to elevate their thinking on what’s possible. She’s a natural leader, both in the classroom and as the leading lady and the pastor’s wife at her church, who knows that empathy and a little patience goes a long way in bringing out the best in people.

Scott Stevenson Bio Picture.jpg

Scott Stevenson

District 6 – Charleston, SC

Teaching Experience: 10 Years
Entrepreneurship Teaching Experience: 3 years
Business Owner and Sales Management Experience: 25 years
BS, Marketing – The University of South Carolina
MBA, The Citadel
Fun Fact: Scott is a huge fan of the Andy Griffith show. A while back, he was lucky enough to spend two nights in Andy’s Mt. Airy, NC boyhood home. “Hey to Goober!”

Scott is a second-career educator, with 25 years in the Charleston business community. He was a founding partner of Silpro, Inc. and Charleston Samplers, and was a Regional Sales Manager for Sutter, US, a division of Unilever, AG. He teaches Entrepreneurship through the lens of his own experiences in the business world, which gives him considerable “Street Cred’ with his students. In the classroom, Scott encourages young minds to “build a better mousetrap” as they create innovative and fun Business Plans. It seems to be working. Scott’s experience with YESCarolina has been a successful one, with students finishing second statewide in the Business Plan Competition each of the last two years. Relevance always guides Scott’s instruction in the classroom. He knows that students want to be college and career-ready. His Entrepreneurship students are a little closer to that goal. To share a lifetime of experience with possible future business leaders is a responsibility that that Scott never takes lightly.


Linda Avery

District 5 - Sumter, SC

14 Years Teaching, 12 Years Teaching Entrepreneurship
Cambridge College
Fun Fact: Linda was four when she decided she wanted to be a ballerina and an artist. Now as an adult, she’s become a dancer, an artist, as well as a teacher!

When Linda Avery isn’t teaching entrepreneurship, she’s dancing, making art, or reading --the latter being something she’s been doing since she was four. Inherent in these personal passions is the key that unlocks the minds of her students when they learn the value of entrepreneurship: creativity! Mrs. Avery encourages her students to dream big and challenges them on the notion that there’s only one way to be successful in business. By creating an environment that’s passionate and fun, she shows students how to seize the opportunities before them. Mrs. Avery teaches her students that a heart for others and understanding what drives them isn’t only imperative for entrepreneurs to learn about their customers’ needs, but also a way for her students to be open to and network with people who can bring them opportunities throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

Aimee Gray.jpg

Aimee Gray
District 3 & 4 - Anderson, SC

13 Years Teaching, 13 Years Teaching Entrepreneurship
Clemson University
Fun Fact: Aimee can say the alphabet backwards very fast. She thinks that’s her only hidden talent, but we know better!

Aimee Gray has been in education since 2005, currently serving as the Director of Technology for Anderson School District Three. Over the past fourteen years, Mrs. Gray has developed rural entrepreneurship programs in Anderson County and has been awarded YEScarolina Entrepreneurship Teacher of the Year, “Top 20 Under 40” leaders in Anderson Country, and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship’s Global Teacher of the Year. Prior to becoming a teacher, Mrs. Gray was an executive with General Electric and Nuvox Communications. She graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and a minor in Computer Science. She has also completed a Master of Science in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, and was instrumental in designing and developing YEScarolina’s Entrepreneurship curriculum. Despite her many accomplishments, persistence and ambition, Mrs. Gray’s down to earth and approachable style in teaching makes her a favorite among her students, young people and the teachers she trains alike. In doing so, she instills in her students of all ages to be both driven and supportive of others in their journeys to success.