Tayler McCray

Paul Hulsey Outstanding SC Entrepreneur of the Year

Tayler is a 2019 Burke high school graduate who has been blessed to come from a long line of seamstresses. If there is something she wants- she makes it; if she doesn't like it she changes it.  Check out her custom formal wear, bridal, maternity, and children's designs.


Paul Hulsey

YEScarolina honors founding board member by naming the annual student of the year award in his honor.

Paul Hulsey knows well how hard work and opportunity can change lives. Many things that most of us take for granted were hard to come by for Paul and his six siblings while they were growing up. He’s been working since the 3rd grade and has used the money he’s earned since then to help his family and give back to his community. We’re grateful to be a recipient of his generosity and admire his unwavering commitment to young people through his support of YEScarolina.